2000 Year Old Coins – Kushan Empire Antiques into Jewelry

2000 Year Old Coins – Necklaces by David Alan Designs. 

 Part of ‘David Alan Designs’ signature style is to incorporate antiquity into wearable art. 

This post highlights 17 recently completed necklaces featuring beautifully patinated  Kushan copper coins set in sterling silver to create beautifully elegant yet casual necklaces. We invite you to come browse the drawers in our jewelry gallery to view the collection these new creations and thousands of other one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces by David Alan Designs.

 History of the coins – The Kushan Empire reigned for 500 years and spanned from Northern India to Central Asia. They Kushan people were a major world power and master traders along the Silk Road. 

 Coin Design – Inspired by ancient Roman and Greek currency, they depict a Deity on one side, a King on the other and include symbols and motto’s. The rulers were shown either in profile bust, standing pose or on horseback. The Deities chosen for the flip side of the coin illustrate how the individual Kings wished to be perceived. 

 This enduring style of personal propaganda became an invaluable historical resource.  The Kushan’s long and intricate political history has largely been revealed through the study of its surviving coins. 

 These pieces are not only beautiful artifacts but keys to history and a treasure to be worn. 

Prices range from $300-500, please contact one of our sales associates for more information or for current inventory.


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