Tibetan Pecha (Sacred Book)

Pecha is a Tibetan word meaning "book" or sacred manuscript. The pages are dried and smoked palm leaves which were inscribed and then rubbed with a pigment to highlight the carved lines. The semi loose-leaf pages were joined with a cord stringing them together and bound with top and bottom cover plates made of wood or other firm materials, and are often seen wrapped in cloth for protection. 

Their origin and unique shape date back to the Buddhist manuscripts (Pothi) of India from 200 C.E.  They were in continuous use until the 19th century, migrating over the mountains into Tibet around the 7th century.

This one has an exquisitely patinated wooden cover. It features 7 relief carved Hindu deities highlighted in gold gilt and set with turquoise.  It is in excellent shape for its age and wear. 

Age: 150+ Years

Origin: Tibet

Material: Wood, Cloth, Palm Leaves, Leather

Size: 18" x 6" x 1.5"


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