‘Khong Zhao’ a Zhu Zhong Fan, Shaman Priest Altar Figure

Kept in a Shaman’s home, are art of a collection of items required to contact the spirit world. Every shaman has a set of three ‘Zhu Zhong Fan’ figures (To Sai; Nyut Hung; Khong Zhao). This one, ‘Khong Zhao’, is a protecting officer or messenger to the gods. He is always mounted and brandishing a sword or pennant.

These figures are only sacred once they are gifted with a soul. A ceremony is performed calling for the deity or ancestor to enter the figure. A piece of silver and some threads are placed in a secret hole in the back and sealed up. This is where the soul resides. When the figure is given away or sold, the silver is removed rendering the figure inert and no longer sacred. 

Age: Mid-Late 19th Century

Origin: Yao People, Vietnam

Material: Wood, Pigment

Size: 7" x 4" x 11"


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