The David Alan Collection is a distinctive furniture and accessories gallery dedicated to creating and building beautiful, modern, heirloom-quality furniture and acquiring one-of-a kind antiques and artifacts.

Our esthetic style and diverse collection is wide ranging and includes our signature, one-of-a kind, single piece slab tables, as well as contemporary furniture made from reclaimed wood, exotic hardwoods, and other rare materials. On-site, we also feature an exquisite collection of primitive art, village folk art, Japanese antiques, and rustic furniture.

Our team is committed to providing outstanding service and a unique buying experience in an environment where nothing is mass produced. We enjoy presenting these exceptional treasures and sharing stories about the works we offer.

With thousands of rare, extraordinary pieces to choose from and a knowledgeable team that has a deep passion for art and design, The David Alan Collection offers a unique way to express yourself while adding character and soul to your home.



“I am in truth, a quietly mad, global adventurer who looks for endless possibility and beauty in life. I tell stories of the remarkable and talented people I meet, laugh, and play with. I live by my sense of “right energy,” whether it is energy from objects, people, or places. I hunt for beauty and share all I can of that sweet essence which makes life so much more worth living.”