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Save The Date! ‘Front Porch Animals’ Exhibition Opening Party 11/14/19, 6-9pm

Our Annual Fall Art Exhibition: ‘Front Porch Animals’
Please save the date – Thursday, November 14th, 6-9 pm, for our opening party! 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the party.  It is always an evening of fun, friends and some really amazing Animal art personally collected by David. 
“Front Porch Animals” is a collection of both real, and mythical animals from across Asia – Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Nepal and other countries. David has selected some of his favorites and some of the most iconic pieces from the hundreds he has collected over the last 16 David Alan Collection years. 

Beyond just artwork,
Animal Symbolism represents a dominant theme in many cultures world-wide. Throughout Asia, animals of all sorts are rendered in many media as artifacts for spiritual and ritual use as well as to enhance everyday objects. The histories are often as intriguing as the artwork itself. 

The show will run from November 15th to December 8th. Everything in the exhibition is for sale. We hope you will come visit!

Our Annual November Show! Mark your calendar for the Opening Party!!! 11/14/19

‘Front Porch Animals’
Our annual party and exhibition is almost here!

Front Porch Animals Tiger carving Indonesia
Javanese Folk Art Tiger Carving 

Please ask us about our coming annual event. You don’t want to miss the OPENING PARTY ON NOVEMBER 14th, 6:00-9:00 pm
There will be hors d’oeuvres, wine, live music, cool humans and lots of animal art!
(check back for exhibition run dates)

This year we turn our focus to Animal Art. Animal symbolism is a dominant
theme in many cultures world wide. Throughout Asia, both real and mythical animals, are rendered in many media as objects for spiritual and everyday use.

“Front Porch Animals” will introduce a diverse assemblage of over 200 pieces of animal art. Both real and mythical creatures from across Asia are here to delight you – from antiquity, pieces dating back 2400 years, to contemporary works. 

We hope this exhibition will take you on a joyful journey into the varied forms and functions of both animals and art.All works in the gallery are or sale. 

Temple Deer, Java, Indonesia, carved wood, crimson paint, real deer antler
Javanese Temple Deer

Just Arrived! Containers from Japan and Thailand

Come see the new treasures we are uncrating! The spring containers just arrived and David Alan Collection looks like a floor to ceiling museum archive and exhibition combined.

From Japan: Shigaraki ceramic ware, Tansu chests, hand painted Screens, Antique Tools and Utensils, Kimonos, Paintings, Art, Antiques and more.

From Thailand: Wood, wood and wood, Solid recycled wood root consoles, Desks and Benches, Live edge slabs of Acaia, Rosewood, Tamarind, Ironwood, 3-D natural element and other wall art, large and small wooden tableware….

Balancing The Universe – Shamanic Amulets, Instruments and Costumes


November 9th – December 3rd, 2017

Opening night reception – November 9th 6-9pm.


A very special art exhibition:

David Alan Collection 

241 S. Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075  858-481-8044,   

Regular Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm; Sat 9-5:30; Sun 10-5:30


“Balancing the Universe” will debut an unprecedented assemblage of over 200 authentic shaman pieces personally collected over two decades from different cultures across Asia – Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. Some of the pieces, dating back 400 years, have been passed down through generations and invite us to explore some of the oldest and most revered areas of human endeavor – healing and spirituality.

Shamanism is well documented as far back as 10,000 years. It is thought to be the first specialized profession and has been found in virtually all cultures across the globe. As healers, sages and spiritual leaders across millennia, the many functions that shaman perform remain unchanged – to keep all things in balance – man, beast, spirits and nature.

The range of jobs in their repertoire include what are now many diverse contemporary specializations such as; doctors, priests, artists, and philosophers. We all share the deepest respect for the men and women who have devoted their lives to the physical and spiritual well-being of their communities.

We hope this exhibition will take you on a journey into the unknown and that it will be an inspiring, thought provoking, and enlightening experience. We invite and encourage you to visit. 

This amazing assemblage of rare shaman art and artifacts will include pieces from the Dayak tribes of Borneo, the Batak people of Sumatra, Mentawai Island shaman art and ritualistic tools, rare pieces for the San Diu people of Vietnam, red and black Yao art from Vietnam, the H’mong people of Vietnam, Timor island Indonesia, Flores Island Indonesia, Ataro Island Indonesia, the Biwat tribe from Papua New Guinea, piece from rural Java Indonesia, Feng Yuan Fa people of Vietnam, Yuan people China, Nagaland, Burma/Myanmar, Tao/Yao art and artifacts, Dao Lo Gang, Dao Quan Chet, Cao Lan-Tien Tight Trouser Yao people of Vietnam, Kampung Alor Indonesia, Nepalese Tamang people, Kodi region Sumba Island Indonesia, Konyak Naga tribe Burma, Nias Island Indonesia, and more…


All works in the gallery are for sale.

Not meant for stabbing or causing harm to humans, it is used to attract and dispel negative energy. After collecting the demons or evil spirits into the phurba, the shaman pierces the ground with the dagger dispersing or redirecting the harmful energy by releasing them from whatever was causing them to be evil. Still used by Buddhists and shamans in Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas, these magical daggers date back to at least the 7th or 8th century.
Ritual daggers “Phurba”, early 20th c, wood, metal.


Thailand & Indonesia shipments arriving April 2017

We are currently preparing to unload two large shipments that are on the water!


Our first spring 2017 container will be arriving from Thailand, and will be full of amazing reclaimed modern root furniture, rare seed pods, silk scarfs from Laos, Burmese antiques, opium artifacts, and a whole lot more…


The second shipment is from Indonesia will be arriving a week after we unload Thailand.  Our entire 2017 supply of single element live edge slab tables will be in this shipment, and will include an amazing variety of species including acacia slabs, mango slabs, tamarind slabs, rosewood slabs, reclaimed teak furniture, and modern root sculptures from salvaged burls and dead trees.  We will also be receiving an amazing collection of primitive and ethnic art, Ikat and batik textiles, tribal statues, shamanistic healing fetishes, and more!  The tribal and ethnic art that is arriving was all collected by David in Indonesia over the past 5-10 years.


OUR FIRST EVER SALE – IN OUR 13 YEAR HISTORY – December 10th – January 8th

We are excited to announce that for the first time since we opened 13 years ago we will be having our first sale!

Like a treasure hunt in a museum, come browse the exotic lands of The David Alan Collection and find up to 70% off the perfect piece.

There will be some amazing one-of-a-kind antiques and artifacts offered, make sure to come early.                                                                                                                                 

December 10th 2016 –  January 8th 2017

Some of our favorite pieces are hiding in the loft and in the Basement!

Please visit the gallery for an amazing adventure, and help us make some room while acquiring that special item for your home.


“Take 99” opening night reception

In the local world of David Alan Collection, we are having an opening party for the show: “Take 99 ” from 6-9pm on July 28th . We would love for you to attend! You will find all the treats you have come to expect from our parties, from great food and drink to live music and a chance to meet some of the coolest people around. Bring a friend or two! We promise a fun and inspiring evening. The show itself consists of 99 works by 99 artists in Java and Bali derived from a single form of wood in the shape of a horse/dog. These 12” high forms were given to 120 people in Indonesia to transform in any way they wished to create an art piece. The result is a show featuring a fantastic array of creative expression. We are deeply gratified by the heart and soul the artists poured into their work.

I am looking forward to seeing you,


Japan and Nepal shipments arrive!

We have recently received shipments from Japan and Nepal. The Japan container was filled with antique pieces I found in the Kyoto area, from ceramics of the famous kiln town of Shigaraki to a dozen rare and beautiful stone lanterns from 80 to 600 years old. From far Eastern Nepal came pieces I collected from villagers I met along the trail I trekked in May to the base camp of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. These hand beaten copper pots and other beautiful, hundred year old kitchen utensils were carried by my team of intrepid porters from villages at 12,000 'to 16,000' altitude to Kathmandu and air shipped from there. Please see the Nepal Trekking story inside. Our latest Bali container will arrive in late August after the opening of our July exhibition “Take 99”  closes, it will be packed with some of the most beautiful, hand crafted works we have ever found or created. Please come by for the show and to hear the stories behind the collection.

Shipments from Japan & Indonesian arriving June, 2015


Boxes full of Japanese art, antiques, and artifacts!  Stop by the Gallery after June, 15th to see what gets unpacked.

“Lindu & Friends” Opening Night reception July 22nd 6-9PM, Exhibition runs July 23rd – August 13th

Kuda Lumping1.1mb

We are excited to announce the “Lindu & Friends” Contemporary Indonesian works of Art exhibition will open Wednesday July 22nd with a private evening reception.  Following the opening night gala, the show will run through August 13th.

Thailand & Indonesia shipments arriving late December 2014

Both our Thai ad Indonesian shipments will be arriving in port between December 16th-23rd.  Depending on logistics we may be unloading them late December or the first week of January.  If you have special orders we will be contacting you shortly.  If you want to visit the gallery to check out some amazing new pieces, or if you have been searching for anything in particular please touch base with us by calling the gallery at 858.481.8044 for exact unloading dates.  See you soon.

Opening night reception – Japanese wood block print exhibition – Thursday evening, November 13th, 2014

Please join us from 6-9pm Thursday, November 13th for the opening night reception of “The Artistic Journey of Japanese Wood Block Printing: From Meticulous Craft to Miraculous Fine Art”.  We have planned a wonderful evening full of art demonstrations, great food, tasty beverages, music, and fun friends.  We are looking forward to seeing you!

Please sign up on our contact page under “Newsletter” to receive more information and the official invite, thanks.

Edo period Japanese wood block print
Edo period Japanese wood block print

Container Arrival

Indonesia container arrives, estimated unloading August 20-26th.