Unique Ancient Artifacts and Accessories for Home Decor

Ancient civilizations may be long gone, but the evidence of their spirituality, ingenuity, and enterprising nature have been left behind. These incredible accessories assume a variety of forms from weapons and armor to daily essentials and jewelry.

The David Alan Collection includes some of the most beautifully intriguing antiquities we’ve found to date. While some had a mystical or totemic purpose, others played a more routine role. Then there are other gallery pieces whose purpose is sheer speculation. Each with the power to bring a long-lost world into our modern lives one piece at a time.

Our Solana Beach Gallery presents thousands of ancient artifacts, vintage finds, and contemporary decorative objects, all collected from our travels throughout the world.

The David Alan Collection is unlike anything you’ve experienced. We travel the world discovering the most unique antiques and artifacts David can find. These accessories are finds from all corners of the planet. From Japan, Indonesia, Tibet, Nepal, and all points in between.

The beauty and enchantment of Tibetan, Indonesian, and Nepalese traditions have forever intrigued historians and collectors alike. The David Alan Collection brings these antique accessories from their remote origins to you.


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Artifacts and Accessories

Our accessories collection includes:

17th, 18th, and 19th century Keris hilts from Indonesia. The Keris is a dagger used both as a weapon and a spiritual object which are often believed to possess magical powers.

Wood carving from the mid 1900’s of Hanuman, Lord Rama’s devout servant. Hanuman is courageous and finds contentment and cheer in all things.

Our gallery is a must see for someone looking for the most unique collection to choose their perfect piece from.

Contemporary Decor Accessories

All great things start in the past. The David Alan Collection brings these rare finds into the present at our gallery in Solana Beach.

For example, we have been collecting Jizo statues from the Edo Period of Japan for years. We hold dear the aesthetic beauty and symbolism. We have contemporary Jizo statues made from both limestone and wood.

In addition, we have antique vessels with a modern purpose. For example:

Tongba’s – Tibetan Beer Mugs

Used for serving an indigenous, traditional, hot alcoholic beer-like drink called Jaand. These mugs are made of bamboo. Originating in Mustang the mugs were hand collected by David while trekking through Indonesia.

Octopus Traps

Vintage octopus traps from Shigaraki, Japan. The octopi would crawl in, thinking it was safe in a hole in the sea floor, then be pulled up on a string. Now, with no occupants, these jars would be great décor for drinks or cocktails.

Come by our Solana Beach Gallery. We have over 18,000 square feet of treasures to instigate intrigue and spark your imagination. Our team can help connect you to the piece you have been looking for.



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