While traveling from country to country searching for art, antiquities, reclaimed wood, primitive and ethnic artifacts, David also started to acquire smaller scale pieces. It is from these rare objects, meteorites, Tibetan amulets, shards of petrified wood and 19th c. tribal jewelry that David Alan Design was born. The concept of creating small scale sculpture/jewelry to be worn as personal adornment came from the desire to live with and travel with these rare pieces.

Today the jewelry line has grown. It also includes rare stones, gems, fossils, and crystals, and ranges in style from clean modern pieces with precise silverwork to ancient talismans that show centuries of loving use or patina.

Each piece of David Alan Design jewelry is unique and is meant to inspire. The ancient pieces transmit the good energy of their past, present and future. The contemporary works show off some of mother nature’s rarest beauty and carry the healing qualities of the stones that are used.

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