The Wave - Studio Carving 72x30inches The Wave - Studio Carving 72x30inches
The Wave - Studio Carving 72x30inches Single Tree - Studio Carving Honeycomb - Studio Carving 72x30inches Moab - Studio Carving 35x31inches Desert Scape 2 - Studio Carving Concentricity - Studio Carving 59x18inches Cracked Earth Study - Studio Carving 24x24inches Antelope Canyon - Studio Carving 34x58inches

Custom Studio Carving Wood Wall Art

“The Studio” project took years to develop. The process of finding master carvers willing and able to think beyond the traditional motifs they’d been carving for decades was just the beginning. The next step involved devoting hundreds of hours to gathering exceptionally rare materials. After this, we were finally able to begin meticulously planning each piece.

For every Studio carving, we analyze the wood grain and the concept, we compile sketches and/or photographs, we hand make and sharpen dozens of chisels, and lastly, we begin the carving process, for which some pieces take months to complete.

Today we have honed our artistry and forged numerous creations and custom commissions. We are still thoroughly enjoying the process and excitedly looking forward to future possibilities.

If you would like to inquire about owning a custom piece based on one your favorite studio carvings, or even a commission of something that is meaningful to you, please contact us in the gallery.


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