Aquamarine & Agate, Sterling JHH164 $490 Aquamarine & Agate, Sterling JHH164 $490
Aquamarine & Agate, Sterling JHH164 $490 Quartz, Sterling Necklace JL944 $190; Bracelet JO72 $120. Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Necklace JL469 $265; Earrings JB440 $120. Tiger’s Eye, Sterling Pendants $110 - $135. North African Amber, Sterling Pendants $130 - $235. Agate, Sterling Necklace JL246 $175. Agate, Sterling Pendants $75 - $190. Antique Carnelian, Sterling Necklace JL230 $210
Fire Agate Necklace, Gold plated Sterling JL671 $290. Tiger Eye Necklace, Sterling JL852 $180. Lapis Lazuli Necklace, Sterling JR142 $195. Malachite Necklace, Sterling JL906 $260. Agate & Aquamarine Necklace, Sterling JL928 $340. Agate Necklace, Gold plated Sterling JL887 $290. Aquamarine Necklace, Sterling JHH166 $1400. Jasper Pendant, Stering JL112 $190. Bumblebee Agate Pendants, Sterling JL957 $235. Bumblebee Agate Pendant, Sterling JL959 $260. Agate Pendant, Sterling JL955 $240. Labradorite Pendant, Sterling JL32 $110. Malachite Pendant, Sterling JL859 $120. Lapis Lazuli Pendant, Sterling JB591 $140. Fire Agate Pendants, Sterling JL1230 $110/ea. Black Agate Necklace, Sterling JL861 $245. Russian Dendritic Agate Pendant, Sterling JL740 $220. Tiger Eye Necklace, Sterling JL1524 $225. Tiger Eye Earrings, Sterling JL1525 $85. Agate Pendants, Sterling JL1533 $110/ea. Black Agate Necklace, Sterling JL1522 $300. Labradorite on Sterling Silver Chain, [l-r] JL1509A $410, JL1510 $310, JL1509B $410.


One of a Kind Custom Jewelry Made From Semi-Precious Stones


The workshop of splendor in the world of semi-precious stones. Agates and jasper in their infinite variety, stand shoulder to shoulder with tiger’s eye, amethyst, and lapis lazuli. Birthstones, healing stones and helpful minerals abound. That which is usually hidden under the earth is brought to life in this collection.

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