Japan and Nepal shipments arrive!

We have recently received shipments from Japan and Nepal. The Japan container was filled with antique pieces I found in the Kyoto area, from ceramics of the famous kiln town of Shigaraki to a dozen rare and beautiful stone lanterns from 80 to 600 years old. From far Eastern Nepal came pieces I collected from villagers I met along the trail I trekked in May to the base camp of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. These hand beaten copper pots and other beautiful, hundred year old kitchen utensils were carried by my team of intrepid porters from villages at 12,000 'to 16,000' altitude to Kathmandu and air shipped from there. Please see the Nepal Trekking story inside. Our latest Bali container will arrive in late August after the opening of our July exhibition “Take 99”  closes, it will be packed with some of the most beautiful, hand crafted works we have ever found or created. Please come by for the show and to hear the stories behind the collection.

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