Custom Round Slab Table Concept – Figured Bastogne Walnut and Steel

We are excited to share a custom slab table concept we’ve been working on. 

The idea started after seeing a very rare and obscure cross section of Bastogne walnut that friends of ours have had in storage.

Knowing that this piece would never be a table without combining materials we started daydreaming about the possibilities.

After a series of sketches we came up with the size and round shape you see below.

After narrowing down the shape of the slab we started daydreaming about what type of material to combine this organic piece with.

We narrowed it down to two different choices, either a hand patina-ed steel or potentially marble.

A simple X shape base made in steel will support the entire structure.

After we complete the construction of the base, hand plane and properly sand the live edges of the slab.  We will then move forward with the water-jetting of the steel or marble, and begin the custom finishing of the wood by starting with hand rubbed oil finish which will be followed by a protective matte top coat for durability.

Exquisite Indonesian Keris Handles (dagger hilt) Imported to the David Alan Gallery


kris knife handle ironwood

17th-18th century wooden Keris hilt from Central Java, Indonesia.

kris knife handle ivory

Late 19th century bone Keris hilt from Java, Indonesia.

Defined by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Education) as a “Masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity”. The kris or keris is a distinctive, asymmetrical dagger from Indonesia. Both a weapon and spiritual object, krises are often believed to possess magical powers.  Considered as or even more unique than the knife blades, the handles or hilts are extremely rare and beautiful art objects which represent abstract, human, divine, and demonic figures.  The knife handles shown here, and others like them were made by master craftsmen of the Indonesian archipelago and are true sculptural masterpieces.